Why Aren’t People Listening To Me? Or The Normal Person’s Guide To Human Communication” is designed to give everyone the tools necessary to communicate, talk, or relate to the people in our lives. Society and the world around us is constantly changing and many people are losing their ability to communicate with others. Recently it seems as if people are more interested in talking and yelling at each other rather than actually having a dialog. That is something that will hurt a family, an organization, a community, and indeed the whole of society.

Even though most of what I deal with we can go to school to learn, this is not a textbook. It is a guide written in plain language and broken into logical sections. I believe with all my heart that the art of communication is one that every person can master. I start with some basics of human communication, because if we’re building a house we don’t start with the walls we put in a foundation. I then talk about how we can communicate with those who are different. From there we move onto why people sometimes don’t react the way we think they should. Then it’s a trip into the land of persuasion, and how we can go about changing another person’s attitude. There are times when persuasion might fail, and other measures are needed. I delve into the world of conflict and conflict resolution. Finally, I explore the chaotic world of social media and how we can utilize it.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

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