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Assisting Rural Communities
Old Jail in Burnet Texas

Today’s world is so divided that unless and until we can reach consensus on the major issues that face us, we are doomed to experience more violence, poverty, hatred, and general distrust. I am striving to provide a curated selection of educational resources, tools, and materials designed to cater to various learning styles and levels of expertise. I will also strive to insure that I regularly update the content to ensure that the educational materials remain relevant, incorporating the latest developments and trends in history, interpersonal communication, and interdisciplinary problem solving.

I believe that is only through approaching today’s problems through the lens of multiple disciplines that society has any hope or chance of solving the issues that face many individuals and communities. Especially those in rural areas, who might not have the access to the same resources that major urban areas have. I urge you to take some time and explore the site, and please bear in mind that it is constantly being updated, so stop by often.

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