The history of Texas goes back thousands of years. These books however, start from 1530s, when the Spanish first bumped into Texas. They are taken from the popular podcast, The Hidden History of Texas, hosted by Hank Wilson. Episodes of the podcast can be listened to right here. The podcast is also available on your favorite podcasting platform.
The audiobooks can be found at your favorite audiobook store. Each book’s page, has links to the various stores that carry the book. Simply click on the cover image to go to that book’s page.

All of my books are published by Ashby Navis & Tennyson of San Antonio. Texas
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The Spanish Bump Into Texas
1530s to 1820s
Here Come The Anglos
1820s – 1830s
Years of Revolution
1830 – 1836
Republic becomes a State
1838 – 1850