The Hidden History of Texas 1836 -1850: A Failing Republic becomes a State

The Texans have defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto and now start the process of establishing an identify for themselves. First as a Republic and then as a new state and part of the United States.

This was a chaotic time in Texas history. There was infighting among the leaders, violent and bloody clashes with the native peoples, distrust of the Mexican population, and a lust for power among the new Anglo immigrants. This book covers the policies of one of the great Texas political leaders Sam Houston and one of the most power-hungry leaders in Texas history Mirabeau B. Lamar.

Topics include a look at the Comanche, Apache, Kiowa, and Cherokee peoples, how they lived and how they were affected by this new country. I also take a preliminary look at a group who is, depending on your point of view, either famous heroes or infamous villains, Los Diablos Tejanos, AKA, the Texas Rangers. I talk about how Texas was formed into an actual independent nation, and I look at exactly how Texas finally ended up being annexed by the United States not as a territory but rather as a state.

Track List

Introduction 1:48

Chapter 1 – Independence  7:37

Chapter 2 – Sam Houston and the New Republic 12:11

Chapter 3 – The Republic and Relations with the Tribes 8:33

Chapter 4 – The Comanches – Finest Horsemen on the Plains 10:24

Chapter 5 –   The Apaches – Fierce Warriors of the Southwest 15:56

Chapter 6 – The Kiowa – Nomadic Warriors of the Plains 11:52

Chapter 7 – The Cherokee – The Principal People Part 1 10:28

Chapter 8 – The Cherokee – The Principal People Part 2  6:31

Chapter 9 – Los Diablos Tejanos – 6:54

Chapter 10 – Texas Finally Becomes a Nation 12:34

Chapter 11 – Texas Becomes a State 11:03

Conclusion 00:54

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