This book details about how Anglo immigration affected Spanish and Mexican Texas. It also discusses several early Texas Settlements, including the towns of Nacogdoches, San Augustine, San Antonio, and Goliad. This volume lays the groundwork for what was to come in the years 1830 to 1836 and the Texas Revolution. This volume discusses the empresarios who came to Texas and some of the issues they generated.

Narrator: Hank Wilson

Chapter 1 – Changes in Mexico and Texas

Chapter 2 – Spain / Mexico / Texas 1815-1821

Chapter 3 – Here Come The Anglos (1821 to 1830) Part 1

Chapter 4 –  Here Come The Anglos (1821 to 1830) Part 2

Chapter 5 – Nacogdoches and San Augustine Early Texas Settlements

Chapter 6 – San Antonio and Goliad

Chapter 7 – Meet Steven F. Austin and the Original 300

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