For Businesses

  • Budgeting advice — Input on best practices to cut costs and drive revenue.
  • Production strategies — Recommendations to increase efficiency creating their product.
  • Opportunity management — Highlighting new opportunities for revenue or product offerings.
  • Evaluating current marketing efforts and making suggestions for improvements
  • Helping to devise, plan, and implement digital marketing campaigns across channels
  • Training other marketers on best practices and technologies
  • Offer solutions for workflows or new methods for reaching and converting consumers
  • Tracking the success of marketing strategies using analytical tools


For Communities

  • Identification and Acquisition of community improvement grants
  • Mobile App development for the purpose of increasing outside awareness of the community
  • Integrated planning strategies for economic development
  • Work with the local Chamber of Commerce in devising community activities that benefit local businesses
  • Leadership development training for multi-generational, multi-cultural cohorts
  • Crisis response management – message and delivery