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Sometime back in the 1960s schools stopped teaching history, geography, civics, and multiple subjects that taught students how to think and reason. Well they didn’t completely stop, they began trying to put everything in units, under the umbrella of ‘social studies’. As a result, generations of students never learned the narrative of how we got to where we are.

Without a knowledge of the past, the present is just something that happened by accident and the future, well to many it doesn’t even exist.

Without a knowledge of geography, there is no knowledge of culture and different people. What you have are students who grow up in echo chambers of simplicity.

With standardized testing, teachers have no time to go in-depth on any subject, they are required to churn out little test-takers. I can understand why they dumbed down what they taught. Teachers don’t have the time and there are often too many students in each classroom.

But what can you and I do? More importantly what is the purpose of this newsletter? My background is in Communication (talking to folks) and History (learning about the past), and Problem Solving (merging both into real answers or possible solutions). I believe that if we are to dig out of the societal quagmire we are currently stuck in, we need to learn how to talk to each other, understand our past, and calm down and think. There are NO QUICK FIXES!.

This newsletter is designed to give you verifiable, non-judgmental information about what really happened, how to get others to understand your pint of view, and how to come to a compromise when disagreements arise.

Life isn’t always pretty, and many have tried to gloss over or hide some of the uglier parts. I will pull back that veil.

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