This is the second book in the series of the Hidden History of Texas 1820s – 1830s Here Come the Anglos. This book details about how Anglo immigration affected Spanish and Mexican Texas. I talk about some of the changes that took place, such as the Imperial Colonization Law passed in January 1823, and they invited Catholic immigrants to settle in Mexico. It provided for the employment of agents, called empresarios, to introduce families in units of 200. One of the sections of The Imperial Colonization Law from Spain had declared that all colonists must be Catholic, so that meant that Austin’s first 300 families were affected and that included my ancestors, the Gates.  Now that changed with the 1824 National Colonization Law and the 1825 Coahuila and Texas State Colonization Law which said that foreigners must be Christian, and not necessarily Catholics and that they had to live by the laws of the nation.  What this meant was that they essentially agreed that they would be members of some established church. There were times when Protestant preachers (circuit preachers) would occasionally visit Texas, but it was rare that they held a service in public. It also discusses several early Texas Settlements, including the towns of Nacogdoches, San Augustine, San Antonio, and Goliad. This volume lays the groundwork for the next volume which will cover the time period of the 1830s to the 1845 admittance of Texas as a State. This volume discusses the empresarios who came to Texas and some of the issues they generated.

Hidden History of Texas 1820s – 1830s Here Come the Anglos (Video Trailer)

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