Michael ‘Hank’ Wilson—Managing Director. Mr. Wilson has over 40 years experience in technology services. Specifically in the programming of technology solutions for Agriculture. As the original developer of Today’s Rancher software, he has seen and is well aware of the challenges facing rural Texas and that sparked his desire to help make a difference. Throughout his career, he has met and worked with professionals from many fields and relies on them for their expertise and input for the current project.
Board of Advisers
Anthony Morse—Content Acquisition /e-commerce.   Mr. Morse brings close to 20 years management experience in both retail and technology.  He is currently serving as the eCommerce director for a national Non-profit organization.  His knowledge of cutting edge technology and his ability to accurately predict market trends is second to none.  He has managed multiple large public events and has in-depth experience in contract negotiation.
Rosario Zarb-Cousin— IT Risk and compliance. Ms. Zarb-Cousin is a senior IT Risk Analyst for an international financial consulting services company. She has over 25 years of external and internal audit and compliance control testing experience for financial institutions. She  has led  numerous internal audit projects involving establishment of internal audit plans, risk assessment models, evaluation of corporate compliance programs, and has provided consultation for various system implementations.
Susan Wilson—Community Resources. .  Ms. Wilson brings 20 years of experience working in the healthcare and recreation sector.  She has worked with a variety of community sizes, age / disability populations, and military organizations in the area of Recreation Therapy / Parks and Recreation.   She grew up in a rural ranching/farming community and still has a heart for small rural communities.  She is well versed in those issues that directly affect life in rural Texas communities especially in the areas of healthcare, recreation and leisure,  youth, seniors, and access to resources.
David Lucas  –  IT Systems Engineering. Mr. Lucas has spent the past 45 years working with and on some of the most sophisticated electronic engineering  systems.   His expertise in the areas of Program Management, System Engineering, Architecture Development, System Integration, and Operations Support to include Acquisition Program Support, Enterprise Engineering Support, Performance Quality Assurance and Assessment insures that ARCTexas will be aware of only the most sophisticated and quality technology available.
Tara Shelton—Strategic Healthcare Initiatives. Ms. Shelton’s professional experience as a research analyst, a consultant performing strategic analysis, and developing custom intelligence reports for leading healthcare companies give her a unique ability to provide advice on healthcare delivery systems and to evaluate project whitepaper