On this page is a link to a PayPal page where folks can contribute to this project. Why do I need to set up a contributions and donations link? Simple, I created this project that exists to help rural communities in my home state of Texas. I created under a special provision of state law as a 100% Texas veteran owned operation. The state waived all startup fees, and gives me 5 years of grace on franchise taxes. However; there is a catch, I cannot sell stock, or shares in the company to anybody who is not a Texas veteran.

So, in order to try and make this work, I am trying a self-funding project and that is what this page is all about. Any contributions and donations made to the project through the link will go to operational costs, such as keeping the website running, giving me the funds to visit local towns, and generally get the word out abut what I want to do. Permits me to continue researching and writing the articles you read on the site, and take the time to post from the various press releases, I receive, and so on.

It would also help if you would go visit Amazon from our site, but as you know, display advertising doesn’t generate very much income, so that’s another reason for the requests.

Everyone who does contribute, their names and email addresses will be maintained and then when the 5 years are up. I will be able to allocate shares or percentages of the organization. So that’s what’s going on, any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Here is the link Contributions – Donations

Thank you oh and please tell your friends about this project

Michael Wilson